Chatbots for Business

Gyms & Health Clubs

chatbots for gymsThe rapid spread of COVID-19 has left much business at loss. Companies that rely on physical interaction with their customers like gyms, hospitality, banking, and retail are the worst hit, given most governments’ directives to lockdown towns. Even those in operation have to work with smaller teams, which leads to delay in the delivery of services. Google, for example, warned its Google Store customers to expect longer wait times because it is working with a limited team. Call centers are also getting slammed, not to mention banks that are reporting hold times of 10 hours or longer. Learn More

Call Centers

chatbots for call centersGone are the days where businesses had lifetime customers. Today, 60% of consumers in the U.S would consider switching to a different product or service if their customer experience was unsatisfactory. As you may well know, call centers have always played an indispensable role in customer loyalty. And as a customer, you don’t always get a glimpse of the contact center world. Thereby, you may likely be uninformed of their countless challenges such as heavy workloads, high turnover rates, and repetitive tasks. Therefore, to overcome the challenges mentioned above, companies have been incorporating AI Chatbots for call centers to meet thier needs. For instance, in 2017, KLM, a famous airline company, launched BlueBot (BB), which they described as self-learning and an edgy service bot that would allow customers to book flights directly through the messenger application.   Learn More


chatbots for medical industry

Artificial intelligence is at its peak, and chatbots are taking over. Chatbots for the medical industry are becoming more and more popular. Why the increase in popularity? Maybe these programs can solve a variety of problems. Chatbots can book a doctor, transfer funds, and buy goods. Virtual assistants save time and make work easier. Are chatbots beneficial to the medical industry? To answer this question, we will explore some of the benefits of using chatbots in the healthcare industry. Learn More

Real Estate

chatbots for real estateIn the world of real estate sales, it is not enough to get leads. You need to get quality leads that will convert to sales. The problem is getting good leads; it takes significant time talking with potential customers and getting a commitment from them. It is in these situations chatbots for real estate agencies become a real game-changer. Once you have a chatbot is up and running on your website, it will answer many basic questions the client may have. Most real estate customers start their journey online. They browse websites to start the process of finding their perfect home. Hence, if you have a chatbot on your website, you can divert your resources to more important matters while the chatbot takes care of the customers' questions. Learn More


chatbots for automotive industry In the automotive industry, there is a raging war. The battle for voice-guided devices is heating up. The top players, Amazon and Google, reported breakthroughs with their voice-controlled infotainment and navigation systems. These leaps and advances in technology prompt dealerships to keep up with the changing needs of the consumer.

Amazon Launches Echo Auto

For around $50, car owners can add Alexa to their cars. It is not a complicated process; just plug in a small device to the auxiliary jacks. This device is the Echo Auto. Echo Auto is Amazon’s answer to Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay in-car information systems. Both systems feature voice-activated commands for functions like listening to music, phone calls, and navigation. With Echo Auto, Drivers can use Alexa to listen to their favorite Ebooks, navigate, stream music, and make calls.

Google Expands Relationships

Google’s Android Auto is not new to the market. The device has been around since 2015. At this point, they are only expanding their existing relationships with automotive manufacturers. On September 18, 2018, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi coalition agreed to integrate Android Auto into their cars’ media displays. Drivers of these vehicles will rely on Google Assistant to manage their in-car experience. Later in the same year, Toyota entered into an agreement that will see their vehicles power their displays with Google Assistant Learn More

Home Improvement

chatbots for home improvement companies From small home improvement companies to large ones, they are all realizing the benefits of a chatbot for the business.