What Our Clients Say...

Century 21 Real Estate

How Century 21 increases conversations up to 60%.

Echelon Health & Fitness

Tim and his team from Soolisai are very professional and are great to work with. I love chatbots.  It makes connecting to your website easily. I also love how easy it is to use Chatbot to build a flow chart of conversations to gather keywords and answer the responses of the customer. From that, we can either help them solve their problem or generate a lead. Simply Awesome! Jeff Q. Echelon Health & Fitness Managing Partner

Eat The Frog - Cumming

soolisAI was detailed in its approach to our chatbot.  They tested and tested again.  I really like the fact they monitor the chat and improve it daily.  It has helped us increase guest traffic and decrease the number of calls and emails we have to respond to. Jeff S. Eat The Frog - Cumming