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1.2.3. Seamless Integration & Onboarding

With HybridAI as a service, the team at soolisAI does ALL the heavy lifting. From the initial AI readiness and business analysis to your first dashboard analytics report, our expert team guides each client through onboarding success. No matter the scope, a team member will provide valuable insight for optimal application and operations. It’s as easy as 1.2.3.

1. Comprehensive Analysis

Our experts take a deep dive look at organizational goals to determine AI onboarding readiness and best fit HybridAI solutions for engagement and operational effectiveness. This phase involves:

  • a probative discussion about current versus desired organization goals and strategy
  • expert analysis and onboarding strategy proposal
  • proof of concept

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Comprehensive Analysis
Solution Building (1)

2. Solution Building

After Proof of Concept results are analyzed, refined and formalized into set of HybridAI applicable tools for easy integration. This phase involves:

  • Finalizing AI tool set and determining rollout timeline.
  • Building a human-machine collaborative team of HybridAI virtual assistance and existing human resources.
  • Set training & performance assessment timeline

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3. Going Live

After the Solution Building Phase our team of experts launch solution rollout. We do all the heavy technology lifting, so organization staff can focus on maximizing utilization for effective real-time strategy.

  • soolisAI team takes the driver’s seat for effortless onboarding.
  • Access to 24-7 expert rollout and tech support
  • Real-time performance feedback and recommended refinements based on 1st party analytics.

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Our commitment to collaborative partnership means our experts & AI virtual assistants become part of each client’s operational team.

We are never more than an email, click, or phone call away and our corporate concierge virtual assistant is available 24-7

to connect you with the appropriate expert & quickest possible engagement.